In the Name of the Father


a Religion/History podcast exploring times in history when the Bible was used to justify atrocities.

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Out of the Shadows: In the Name of the Father


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Jerry Pattengale, PH.D

Indiana Wesleyan University named Jerry Pattengale, Ph.D., its first University Professor in 2014. Jerry also serves as the executive director of education for the Museum of the Bible, where he was one of the museum’s two founding scholars (2010) and established its international Scholars Initiative. In addition to authoring and editing more than 30 books, his articles have appeared in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Christianity Today, InsideHigherEd, among others, and he has garnered various writing and education awards. His most recent books include, general editor for Global Impact Bible, author of The World’s Greatest Book, The Book: The History, Narrative and Impact of the Bible (4 Vols.), Faith Made Real, The State of the Evangelical Mind, and The Impact of the Bible on Western Culture (2 Vols.). His forthcoming book is The New Book of Christian Martyrs.


Nicholas De Neff

Nicholas De Neff received his Master of Arts degree from Andover Newton Theological School. He served as an independent writer, researcher, and contributor to the Global Impact Bible, BibleJourney, The Bible in Augmented Reality, and The Book: The Narrative, History and Impact of the Bible.

Shane Waters

Investigative Journalist Shane Waters is widely known as the co-host of True Crime Investigative Podcast ‘Out of the Shadows’. He works closely with grass roots investigator from the Netflix docu-series ‘The Keepers’ Gemma Hoskins on their serialized podcast that takes listeners on a journey to solve a true cold case.

Recently Shane has gained International attention for bringing light to a string of forgotten victims now commonly known as ‘The Redhead Murders’. Featured on ‘Out of the Shadows, Redhead Murders’, Shane took listeners on his journey to identify the 5 Jane Doe victims - eventually working alongside Gemma Hoskins and an Elizabethton High School Sociology Class (2018) to bring national attention to these victims and their single killer the ‘Bible Belt Strangler’. Currently, only 2 of the victims now remain nameless.

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Daniel Freemyer, PH.D

Daniel Freemyer, Ph.D., obtained his Master of Divinity from Duke Divinity School and received his Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary in Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Hermeneutics. He is the author of Prophetic Messages by Festivals: Rhetorical Ideologies in Prophetic Texts and contributor to BibleJourney. Daniel currently serves as adjunct professor of Biblical Interpretations at Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University.


Out of the Shadows: In the name of the father

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Is the Bible at Fault?

History testifies that each generation has its share of weird, strange, and sinister events - often in the name of religion, and frequently driven by skewed biblical interpretations.

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